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Site Name: Long Harbour Casino
Network: Malta Gaming Authority
Bonus: £10
US Players Accepted: No

Long Harbour Casino is Now Closed. Please click HERE to see live offers.

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Review of the Excellent Gaming Options at Long Harbour Casino Online – Get 100% Sign Up Bonus

Long Harbour Casino Reviewed By  Randy Hall for Mobilecasinoplex.com

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The Long Harbour Casino Online maintains an air of nonchalant and unhurried kind of gaming – harking back to the old age of relaxed roadside gambling pubs or the friendly neighbourhood gaming destination of the late 20th century.

Long Harbour Casino

In a gaming world that is all about flashiness and getting the most eye grabbing interface possible, the subtle understated elegance of the Long Harbour Casino website is refreshing and actually a greatly attractive reason to visit in itself.

But for all its studied and carefully designed aura of relaxed friendliness and nostalgic air of gambling and gaming, the website is as hi tech and chock full of the latest software gizmos – enough to give any high end and latest casino a run for its money!

Great Bonuses truly Sweeten Up the Deal at the Long Harbour Casino – Register Now!

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Going with the air of friendly and relaxed, this website really does offer great deals along the same vein!

This Casino has excellent potential in its bonuses, not just for signing up or for the initial few months of playing – but in a long term sense; clearly giving you a good reason to stick with them for the long haul, for greater enjoyment and greater benefits!

The Long Harbour Casino has remarkable sign up deals, but their most awesome promotions and bonuses are those that come with their loyalty player plans.

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You may win as high as getting an all expense paid ship-cruise trip around the Bahamas or the Mediterranean, quite apart from some truly mind blowing deals, if you play at the Long Harbour Casino enough to start availing their Loyalty Player Bonus Plans.

So if you are a consistent gamer who tends to stick to the same casino enough to build up a good player portfolio, then there is no better option out there than the Long Harbour Casino!

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Bonuses and Promotions Offered at Long Harbour Casino

Let us take a look at the list of their great bonuses and promotions:

Casino Bonus

This Casino Club Loyalty Player Plan is a topic in itself!  The premise is simple – each game played earns you a bunch of points.  And every time you cross the hundred mark in your point system, you get to have the equivalent of one pound deposited into your account, in any currency you wish!

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While this doesn’t sound like much, it builds up the longer you play.  If you have been gaming at the Long Harbour Casino for a while, you get promoted to a “Club” Player, thus letting you avail a chance at some once in a lifetime deals!

Games at the Long Harbour Casino

Exciting Bonus Offers

Going with its theme of being a comfortable and fun time gaming destination, this Casino primarily focuses on Table based Games – such as Texas Hold’em and Blackjack and Baccarat.

But don’t let the laid back approach fool you!  This Casino offers a truly staggering amount of gaming options, with everything from Poker to Slots to Live Dealer gaming on hand!

Long Harbour Casino Games

Even sampling one a day, you will be there for weeks before you try a go at all the Games the Long Harbour Casino has on offer, making this Casino a great destination for a permanent gambling fixture!

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